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Trella Hemmerly – 1935-11-03

Sunday November 3rd 1935
Bernard Brooks and Rosie bought me a silver case and a shoulder bag. Mary and Bob and tissue with sketches of felt. Wally a box of candy. Daddy a lamp he made for me. Mary a rolling pin made on the lathe and foot warmers knitted to match my robe. Mother and Italian bomb dispenser set. And best-from Wally a visible ink Supply Parker Pen. They gave me this stuff all Saturday. But I feel very grown-up today 20!
Walt and I went to church. Took a drive in the afternoon just got home and in came in Sylvia, Uncle Perry, Doris & Stuart. They left about 6:15 and we kids rushed to BY. Mother and Daddy went to church. Washed my hair, ironed some clothes and Walt and I did the dishes. Read the paper together. Then I had a bath and to bed about 10:30.