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Trella Hemmerly – 1931-06-24

Wednesday June 24 1931

We planned to go to the Acme picnic at Summit beach park Wed. but there were so many bargains up town we got way laid. I made $2.00 stretch so far that well I’m not an H.C. W[illegible]. I got 2 silk pieces to make blouses, Latracks for Pauline & I, a tie for daddy, dress goods, a towel & table scarf for mother, goods for some pants & some more junk. We had the most fun picking out a dress for Aunt Sylvia. She nearly took 3 diff. pieces but it was the 4th one she really took. Mary & WIlda went to Keith’s & we were thru shopping at 2 but had to sit around until 4:30 for those kids to get out of the show. I found the most interesting looking little old book shop, while we were waiting.