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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-11-13

Monday, November 13, 1989
temperature 68° sunny
Call Genevieve Foltz to confirm her presence at Paulding tomorrow. She indignantly inform me she had called the meeting.
Updated Huber database and printed out membership lists for Charlie Evers (nominating committee chair) and Willis Nye. Wrote Kathi and sent 20 copies of her Christmas letter (edited) and pictures of David’s family.
Cut off the gorgeous flowering kale in front of house and planted it in entrance bed so I can plant the two hosta Krossa Regal that Mary gave me for my birthday. Cut off mums and the potentilla.
In at 2:30 for executive committee meeting at 3:00 to consider offer of $26,500 for cottage at 255 South Main street. Of three options Jack had me adopt two- accept $26,500 discount the $30,000 we wanted by real estate fee of say $1,500 by $2,000 to be paid $5,000 a year to the Heritage Preservation Endowment Fund.
Met Mary at Bob Evans for dinner. Stopped at Nye’s with Huber minutes and membership. Willis in favor of selling Cockshutt models at cost and realizing $25,000 rather than wait 10 years for $45,000.
Took tan dress back to Lohman’’s for credit- it didn’t fit.
Ruth Mosher called- forgot meeting. She told Jack she would do correspondence for him- he brushed her off! Called Kathleen Haldeman to tell her Sandy Davis will be here December 7th.