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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-09-27

Wednesday, September 27, 1989
To Cincinnati with Mary, Dave and Dee. Arrived about 12:30. Took David and Karen to Gold Star Chili for lunch. Waited for kids to come home from school after taking Dave and Dee seven miles up the little Miami for a canoe trip. Dee’s first.
Took kids to Carew Tower (downtown)- 47 stories up to Observation Tower. Beautiful clear day. David’s interpretation of geology of area is so helpful.
To River to pick up Dave and Dee- they had a nice trip down. Dinner at Haldeman’s was birthday celebration for Jed and Susannah so had tiny links and cheeseburgers and broccoli, artichoke casserole. all delicious. Gave Karen $100 to eat in rather than take them to a restaurant. I don’t believe they had any money at all.
Gave Suzy the dolphin from Alaska and Jed the jigsaw puzzle map of Denali National Park.
Dave drove us back and was home about 11:00 p.m.