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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-09-25

Monday, September 25, 1989
Royce here to clean and get bed ready for Dave and Dee.
Mary came out to see them when they got here. Plane in at 5:30 and still not here by 8:30 when phone rang. it was Olga asking for Mary. When I tried to talk to her to see why she was calling she wouldn’t talk to me. although I had nothing to apologize about I did and it was thrown back into my ears. Walt and Olgua had met Dave and Dee at airport and took them to MCL Cafeteria and then to Bill’s [Bill Lynn, Olgua’s son] in Caledonia even though Dave told them he wanted to come here. But they had sent Janice to Bill’s to have an excuse to go there. When they came out to bring them over here their car wouldn’t start! Poetic Justice! So they had to call Mary- her car wasn’t here! They did get Bill’s car and brought Dee and Dave here and Olgua was very rude to me. Mary and I think all this is repressed jealousy from many years. Spoiled Dave’s homecoming.
So glad to have kids here. We hugged and talked and soon forgot Olgua and her problems.