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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-08-15

Tuesday, August 15, 1989
Royce here to help me clean garage. Got the north side completed. Cleaned and all but the shelves and potting bench on the south side. Exhausted but in to have supper with Mary before going to board meeting at Heritage Hall. Nine items from executive committee meeting adopted but still had business until 9:30. Lucy’s minutes needed correcting but she didn’t have them ready until 5 minutes before meeting so no chance to correct except at meeting and she isn’t speaking to me because I objected to the errors she inserted into my news release about prairie tour- for instance saying it is along railroad in Claridon, and inserting plants before grasses and forbes.
Calledl David- they had a great day at State Fair yesterday. Sarah got three ribbons on her baking and Karen got five on the kid’s clothes.