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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-07-19

Wednesday, July 19, 1989
Mary with David and Vivian Brattenb picked me up at 8:00 for 100 mile trip to Holmes County for the Huber Threshing Day at the Dan Yoder farm. David’s family arrived right at 10:00 at the Flat Ridge School along with the other 58 Huber Association members and friends. My car to the farm.
What a thrill to see the horses pulling the wagons loaded with sheaves to the thresher. The Brinley’s had their Huber HK tractor belted to the rototrack thresher. After some remarks the threshing started with the sheaves fed into the thresher and emerging as grain and blowing out a pile of straw that grew to 4 ft high before the kids found it. But the dinner served inside the Amish home on their bench table (clever adaptation) chicken, dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes (melt in mouth), noodles, honey and apple butter, homemade bread, green salad, date pudding, sugar peanut butter, custard. Rides in Amish buggy and to Charm shopping with Karen. Home by back roads at 6:00. Set out quick lunch for all. Bed at 9:00