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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-06-28

Wednesday, June 28, 1989
6:30 breakfast crepes blueberry syrup photos at large with NF shorts.
7:15 bus leaving said goodbye Cross Lake crest. 1200 ft ditch to Eureka drainage from Wonder Lake soap bar on window cuts condensation.
7:30 Alaska range among 27 air miles from here climb from here 36 MI 3 to 4 weeks to climb McKinley river. gravel bed. 1000 climbers this year.
7:40 two loons.
8:00 alarm mold row glacier Bridle fever fog illegible.
8:15 Alison Visitor Center rest stop. Great Smoky Mountain Bear story.
8:45 South and 2 yearling Grizzlies.
8:50 Highway pass. Long-tailed Jeager Pratt Nest two chicks.
9:10 Toklatt River Bridge and Causeway mile 55. Hotel buses turn around. Porcupine damaged trees from [illegible]. [Illegible] Mountain divide Toklatt river.
9:20 Polychrome Pass stupendous pics 21 and 22 passing bus.
9:30 near Marmot Rock golden eagles soaring.
9:40 change to slides
9:42 number one Bears near East Fork bridge.
9:50 5 Mi restricted for Bear use only. All garbage trucked out of park.
9:55 Fox Siding
10:00 25 sheep, ewes and lambs. Back into Spruce “Lady Lying on Back Mountain”.
10:15 Teklanita River rest stop leaving
10:30 snacked. 2 lane road starts #8- moose and calf- bus move ahead- move back. Sun out. Teklanita River there first mountains rose around it.
10:45 Marsh Hawk drunken florist
1047 Sanctuary River 1000? feet pics number eight Primrose Ridge dog sled trail in River Bottom July 1st dog cycle race Don McKinley streets
11:00 Savage River 2550 ft u-shaped and v-shaped
1105 Bob off to drive checking out at Park gate
1127 station goodbye to NFL friends to National Park Hotel Denali book David
12:10 p.m. leaving Park 114 Mi to Fairbanks along ni Nana Road train pulling in from saw it here 48 hours ago roadside a carpet of dwarf fire weed
12:28 p.m. Healy
12:30 a bison herd largest 800,000 T year
1241 oxytrope and sweet pea
1255 Neenah River Bridge daily shower wildflowers, dwarf fire weed tall Fireweed oxy petunia lupine armika sweet pea yellow blossoms
1:07 Larch
125 next Anna lunch leaving 250 huge bowl of chili and coffee $3 Station museum full of Harding pictures and that, manager wants to be sure where Gold Spike, driven here and given to Harding is now located once it back home.
minimal one clerk for four buildings bogs and creeks.
3:00 scenic view of flat muscag
3:07 climbing forSkyline Drive
3:30 p.m. wide view to West Mile 343 to Nana River in Valley below. Green Banks of hills on left. Aspen Forest been showering here.
3:40 p.m. Fairbanks University of Alaska on Hill. cows!
3 Park. Museum.
453 p.m. Northern Lights program on screen five cultures presented. excellent displays. into fairbanks. 1700 number for Sophie station a mystery. SS Lovely Hotel suite/kitchen, living room and bedroom two double beds $110 a night for four people. listed for half hour rested for half hour. dinner at Zach’s in hotel. Mary’s treat. total $75 for four halibut, chicken and steak. pept us up for a drive to Alaska Land only 5 minutes away to see car President Harding used for his Alaska tour. doesn’t said Golden Spike he used had disappeared or perhaps this most Sony and has it? no furniture. it’s still being restored. walked through a Minor’s town original cabins and houses moved to site. some furnished, others gift shops. took a drive around Farmers Loop and found creamer’s marsh, but no Sandhill cranes. Sun still shining when we went to bed at 11:30.