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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-06-23

Friday, June 23, 1989
Up at 8:00 bath and orange juice. Kathi tripped over dishwasher door and fell on floor so hard Bob said can’t use dishwasher until plumbing under house is checked.
All loaded into Toyota. To store for house paint (stain) then to the Clarion Hotel on Lake Spenard for brunch. Had a smoked salmon egg omelette croissant. Mounted specimens of Alaskan Wildlife impressive. To Spenard Lake behind Hotel watched mallards and Canada geese with chick scalp, widgeon, Northern Grebe. Float planes rim the lake. Each worth about $100,000 used!
Then drove to Elmendorf Air Force Base. Shopped in gift shop for sweatshirts, mugs, laser Art “Thank you for not smoking” Etc $46. Kathy and Bob bought me a uhe knife Hulu (Ooloo Eskimo origin). Through Fort Richardson to Otter Lake. Immediately spotted pair of common loon and two chicks. spent leisurely time watching them. 2 pair of Canada geese and their families. Northern grebe. heard eagle. ate snacks. On way back through wild area of Fort Richardson Kathi spotted a mink near a pool. I wanted to shoot the Lupine and Arctic roses so prolific. As I composed that I noted female mallard in pool dashing frantically back and forth. She suddenly took off and flew right at me and I caught glance of a chick at the edge of the pool. Then almost at my feet the male appeared and took after the duck, who flew up the stream squawking and darting with the mink after her. In the car we drove to where we could see the pool and the duck came swimming out of the shadow and rounded up about 10 ducklings. To Sands for marinated chicken dinner.