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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-06-21

Wednesday, June 21, 1989
Sunrise 6:00 eastern daylight standard time
Up at 7:15 breakfast on Deck with Howard after bath. Sprayed most everything with Spray-Gro Bi-catalyst. Finished packing camera and personal. Mary arrived with Geneva and Mary Ellen N at 10:45. By 10:59 we were walking out door. Went back for Sheepskin coat to take to Kathi’s. poured rain as we got to I-71. The airport at 12:15 in the air by 1:00 incredibly green landscape like Ireland, but soon in clouds. Hit southeast edge of Lake Michigan and flew up the lake then inland to Minnesota. Seat mate lives in Muirfield Village, but belongs to Marion Country Club and is Tom Coons wife’s boss! Looks like Steve Kesselman! Short two lunches because two women’s tickets were marked June 20th one for my seat! So nice man and I didn’t have lunch. Marked our boarding pass for lunch in terminal and since he didn’t want his he asked for Mary’s boarding pass and had it validated. Agent of Northwest waiting at gate for us and put us on electric cart from gate 44 to gate 11 must have been a half mile! Scattered clouds all across North Dakota, Saskatchewan and Alberta but got exciting as as we came up east side of Saint Elias Mountain and began to see glaciers. Moved to right side of plane for spectacular view of Mount Elias range and Grace glaciers and ice fields. Magnificent. On our side clouds blotted out Prince William sound. Now descending into Anchorage a blip on the radar screen! 5:07 PM.
Kathi met us & home for dinner- roast in a bag- in their beautiful home. So many new prints framed and hung. Rooms so spacious. Petunias, trilliums, pansies blooming so big. Bed while light. Kathi has done so many nice little things to make us comfortable.