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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-04-10

Monday, April 10, 1989
Skiff of snow sunny high 42. five blue winged teal Boger’s meadow pond.
great blue heron junco.
Finished entering Marion streets into a database to assist in sorting deliveries at Hemmerly’s. There are over 500 streets with numbers on them!
To post office to mail Uncle Will’s 1896 bicycle trip to Uncle Allen. Forwarded Prime Computer proxy material today. In to Marion- picked up income tax get refunds of over $400 state and federal but it will be applied on my April estimated tax payments. Deposited $40 check Kristi sent me on loan- balance 560 dollars! To Center to try out key I got for Harry Bard- It works. called Harry and he wants me and the Nye’s to go with him to see miniature Colts at Sycamore. To shop to leave city directory and finish copying the introductory page of Uncle Will’s trip. Took them to Mary to collate. Copied jet lag article from New Health book I got in the mail. Copied Smithsonian article on smoking to send to Dave. Took deposit slips for interest to Field and Tiny Tenders popcorn for them to try and plant. Stopped at Wendy’s and picked up chili and a frosty.
Call from woman from Salem, Oregon researching Hofstetter family. Also call from Marylyn Simmon wanting date her troop can visit Terradise. Set April 25th. Watched Monday night TV- Designing Women, Newhart and Kate and Allie, news.