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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-04-01

Saturday, April 1, 1989
28 degrees – 45 degrees
To Dayton for Reg 7 Meeting – bridge out on Rt. 4 so used county road map.
Meeting at Patterson House, owned by Dayton City & managed by Montgomery County Historical Society. Gave Mont CHS the picture book of Military Home that was purchased when I was 8 days old (according to mother’s note.) Only about 40 attending. way down from previous years.
Home about 6 – Stopped at Hemmerly’s & picked up check from MCHS repaying me for loan to make purchases at P.O. sale & deposited it in Romine Rental Acct.
Dave called 0 has found a Mercury Lynx 1984 with 45,000 miles for $2,500. Told him to check with Bob. Wants to borrow $1,500 & pay back $100 a month. Dee is selling Mary Kay beauty products.

River down between banks.