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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-02-23

Thursday, February 23, 1989
Overcast High 17 low 4 windy
First day I’ve had at home all day since vacation. Spent it writing checks and persuading Howard to actually file his inome tax instead of sending in a blank form and a check for $1,000. Looks like he’ll have about $500 to pay.

Wrote thank you letters to Ed and Sara, Doris, Vivian & David, Arnell – Thnks to her & Delta Kappa Gamma & Betty Gorsuch for contributions to P.O. purchase. Sent Ed 2 copies of Hildreth Genealogy as thanks for giving me the Empire mirror that was in Mrs. Williams house in Somerset that Mary Sheneman bought. Sent Doris 1 copy – Now they have them for all their kids. House only about 55 all day. 15 with -15 wind chill factor. Finally tacked blanket over TV room door to keep out draft. Spent evening in rec room in basement.
Reading Marjorie Dickey Parson’s Genealogy – such an involved family.
Mary out and we settled up for trip. Total cost $442.
Called Kristi – She has packing done and will move things to storage tomorrow. Will stay with Antrim’s Mon & Tues night before leaving for Air Force next Wed.