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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-02-21

Tuesday, February 21, 1989
9:30 Class of ’33
10:30 Dr. Cook and
7:00 MCHS reakBoard
To Isaly’s for Class breakfast. John Houser came alone – 2 mo. ago Martha was with him & last month they were absent because Martha was in hospital. He tried so hard to act brave. I left early for appointment with Dr. Cook but found is was for 1:30. I’ve mislaid my date book. He worked me in & pared the corn & packed it with salve. Back next week to decide what to do.

Grocery shopped at Kroger’s. Picked up letter from Ertle& purchase order for 3,000 model Cockshutt model tractors from Mark Bauer to make copies for Willis. Also called Anna Mae Schwaderer and asked for Huber Assoc. files saying Schwaderer Farm Supply will buy back at wholesale any unsold units.
TO MCHS board meeting. Contract not ready to sign for P.O. purchase.
Finally got through to Evan Adams at Butler with invitation to be Reg. 2 Rep. He asked for more info. also found he is a preservation consultant. Might want to work on P.O.