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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-02-09

Thursday, February 9, 1989
Lazy morning at the Bratten’s. I got up after the others had breakfast. David & I walked over to Dents & Bent- damaged groceries. I bought cereal, anacin, canned fruit $23 – all we could carry.
In AM drove to the Pier & walked out to the shop area. Aquarium newly opened. Tropical fish spectacular. Two Deep Sea Golden Crabs mating – if successful- only 3rd mating in captivity. Stopped at The Straw Goat. Bought at 6 section loaf pan to make small nut bread cakes.
Out for dinner – Carol’s where we were headed had closed so we went to Pepin’s – a Spanish restaurant featuring seafood. Mary & I had pompano, Vivian a 23 oz. pork chop and David had grouper. Check was 460. Back home Vivian gave Mary & I had a lesson in making paper beads. I used paper in shades of mauve & aqua. Called Kathi – she had talked to Dave & Dee (Dee’s birthday) and they have an apartment in a Vitorian house. 845 Geoerge St. Vallejo, CA 945__ Called them and listened to groubles – mostly heating – low 30’s there.