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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-02-05

Sunday, February 5, 1989
Marion to Cincinnati
Really bustling around to get caught up before I left. Finished up the letter to the editor to tell the public that the P. O. was not for sale at $1.001 Also wrote cover letter to Charlie Evers. Went over OAHSM minutes Martha Jones sent & had corrections n every paragraph. Packed hurriedly – left home about 1:15. Stopped letter off to Charlie Evers & copy of Sales Ad application at Carroll Neidhart’s. Met Mary at Mark Street School lot to transfer my luggage to her car so thieves next door to her wouldn’t know she was gone.
To David’s around 5;00 – Karen had vegetable soup and homemade bread for supper. Some of the base cabinets are in, but no tops. Josh, Jed & Sarah hardly spoke to us but Susannah was loving as usual. Is able to recognize the letters of the alphabet. Watched the tape Kathi sent (and then forgot to bring it along). Mary & I both slept on couches. Too hard to go upstairs with my bad knee.