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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-01-28

Saturday, January 28, 1989
Huber Museum volunteers Margaret and Ray Bails, Richard Rinesmith, Norm Fogt, Helen Kaufman, Dorothy Wench, Clara Barnhart, Mr. and Mrs. Al Laucher, Connie and Robert Gibson, Harry Bard, Howard Barry, Rollie Chard.
Swelling in knee and leg down some result of wet heat treatment but standing all afternoon at Huber Museum and Marion Historical Center left me with a leg swollen from knee through ankle looks as if I have elephantitis [sic].
About 15 volunteers turned out for training at the museum- no chairs! (Later took six old ones from Marion Historical Center). All had Huber connections. Worked there or used machinery (except me!) Tried to use capabilities of each in training. Provided info on Huber and his industries. Higgins inventory lists values of collections at $16,000. I think $10,000 would be high. To Center to copy scrapbook and Anderson compilation of Huber’s inventions. Got to get this material into libraries.
Home about 5:00 to bed at 10:30 with wet hot compresses. David in about 11:00 but didn’t wake me up.