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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-01-23

Monday, January 23, 1989
15 million Americans live in mobile parks. Trailer reaffirms Jefferson idea of own home on a plot of land.
Jane Trucksis a delightful roommate. Nearly froze and wore myself out on all the steps from our room down to conference room in lower level. Richard Frankaviglia conducted work session to plan agenda For the Future II. Two groups studied first the strengths and weaknesses of OAHSM and then the opportunities and threats facing us.
To buffet for lunch and surprisingly the Inn is full of other guests.
Dinner in an upper dining room at the 1812 Buxton Inn across the street. Sat with Jim Strider, Richard Frankoviglia, Judy Sheridan and Paul Goudy who later hosted our group at his Museum- Hunter-Avery-Downer House. Board members of Licking County Historical Society agencies there and a nice spread of cookies.
Couple from Homer insistent that I visit them to see collection of Franklin Roosevelt.
Nice girl chat with Jane and also discussed more standing rules.