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Trella Hemmerly – 1989-01-12

Thursday, January 12, 1989
Harry Bard picked me up in his new Chevy 4 cylinder station wagon at 7:45 and we headed for Dan E. Yoder’s south of New Bedford in Coshocton County. He drove 55 on double Highway Route 30 but when we hit the curve on Route 60 he speeded up to 65!
Yoder’s driveway and yard a sea of mud in the drizzling rain. They got a 12 ft plank so I could get into the new workshop. He had the prototype carved model of the Huber HK on the table and we met David, his son who wants to do drawings of Huber machinery for a coloring book to market for Huber Museum. Traversed more mud to get to the house connected to a house trailer as yet I’m finished where we spread out the Huber pamphlets among the remains of breakfast. I wasn’t too impressed with David’s drawings- much like what Dave Decker does. Got stuck twice while trying to turn around to leave. had lunch in Charm and bought popcorn ‘tiny tender’ and cheese at Walnut Creek. Home by 4:00- interesting day, but this Yoder family looks Amish, but their home was not what I expected. David showed us his butterfly and moth collection mounted in a 3-foot by 4 ft glass box.