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Trella Hemmerly – 1990-01-25

Thursday, January 25, 1990

To Denzer’s at 11:30 with Mary for Opal’s funeral – Dr. Ginn talked about her influence on others lives – she is the one who told me I could influence others and gave me article on “One Girl’s Influence” that made me always want to live up to her expectations.
To HH – Chris Lewis working. Copied Kencel Clutters’ World War I story before giving copy to MCHS – also copy 990 forms that Norm filed with IRS –
To courthouse – picked up copy of Marion City plats [sic plattes] since 1960 and then to Recorder’s office to check earlier ones- Hap Dawler helpful – also checked earliest purchases for 5-15-22 Marion plat. Picked up Huber [unintelligible] reports at [unintelligible].
Picked up sunglasses at Dr. W and had temples adjusted on new glasses- fell much better- snack at Wendy’s- home about 6:30-

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Trella Hemmerly – 1990-01-24

Wednesday, January 24, 1990

Royce here to clean- cooked lima beans with leftover C’mas ham.-
Finished entering material for Huber newsletter.
Had plans to go in for calling hours for Opal Epley but worked until 6 and then too tired.

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Trella Hemmerly – 1990-01-23

Tuesday, January 23, 1990

With Kass and Ted Mitchell about lease – he told her to use common sense and negotiate! – asked him to check on how to give Kass shares.

Whew!- Peg and Merle Hamilton gave H H al a check for $8400 for exterior sign and Jack Courtney gave $15,000 from F.C.A. Trust for auditorium-pictures on P.O. steps with them and Charlie Evers.
Jack took me and Ginny to Rotary as his guests to hear Williams- from Ameriflora- grand plans for 1992- Horticul. Show in April- Enlarge Franklin Conserv. [Franklin Park Conservatory]- maze- amphitheater-
Jack and Geo. Brown also talking to Conway- Marion Steel and he will fund entire atrium for $75,000- over 3 years.
Janet Klingal working at HH today and she’s a doll- may want to buy a computer- has taken schooling.
John Hickson and Dick West blew $600 for a word processing typewriter when a $400 one had everything we need and probably $170 would too.
Worked on National Register nomination (gave Jack part in description of building) until 6:50 and then headed for Ohio State [??] Marion for meeting of Marion Nature Club- met Bradford and wife- ornithologists- about 12 there including Mary and Dick Cooper. Lots of interesting plans- New Kildeer Manager gave slides program.

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Trella Hemmerly – 1990-01-20

Saturday, January 20th, 1990
33º – 42º raining

Call from Thelma Hemmerly- Everett died
Worked on Huber newsletter until 1 when I went to H Hall to help Mildred Silanders – but she wasn’t there! – updated files, printed new brick purchase lists and copied IRS booklet on non profit taxes for MCHS. One man in and gave him a main level tour. Then marry and Geneva came and gave them the two-level to her.
Dave sent copies of the two commendations he received for participation and rescue and police efforts during San Fran earthquake on October 17. You paragraph called on Schuster about Everett – said he had hunted with him and he could shoot a bird out of the air and tell you where he hit him. Found him [unintelligible] feeding his squirrels.
Supper with Mary and Geneva at Denny’s – home about 6 – call from Kathi-
Monday, January twenty-two, 1990
Breakfast with David and Howard – then he into Hammer leads to work with face on SBT accounting I worked on Huber newsletter until 1 and then in for lunch with David and Mary.
Then to H Hall and Mrs. Cowgill working. Tried to work out going to see “Bear” with Mary but she didn’t want to go tonight so I worked until 6 and then home. David left for Cinci about 4:00.

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Trella Hemmerly – 1990-01-18

Thursday, January 18, 1990
55º-35º (midnight)

Had a little more pep. Wrote John Schroeter and Bill Nolan – entered 60 more brick purchases – now 575.
For haircut and blow-dry $11 – To HH to pick up disk and copy HP endowment funds trust papers for John Schroeter and Bill Nolan.
Mary up and ate at Fairpark [indecipherable] [indecipherable] cubed steak- but why does all their food taste alike- and funny!
Home about 5:30 – TV – crossword puzzle. – read paper – my usual “at home” evening. Bed early – about 9:45

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Trella Hemmerly – 1990-01-17

Wednesday, January 17th, 1990
50º – 57º, no sun
Slept until 10:00 – took Howard to grocery. Return Willis’ call- wanted to rehash Mike Dietsch ill manners at board meeting.
David called – kitchen progressing will be up Sunday night to work at Hemmerly’s Monday – Kass called – need date with Ted Mitchell to finish lease with Paul Dasher. Richard Francaviglia called- Had packet from J. Telfer about his qualifications and willingness to follow preservation guidelines.
Burned about 10 bags of trash in misting rain.
Sent Dee’s check back- wrote one hundred and 48 one hundredths instead of one- hundred thirty.
Felt lousy – napped instead of entering brick data.
Worked crossword puzzles
Popped corn.
Sent C’mas letter to Edgar Buensuceso. Got C’mas card signed- “Edgar, Sonia and kids”. So, family must have come to Calif. too.

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Trella Hemmerly – 1990-01-16

Tuesday, January 16, 1990
57 – 44 foggy, no sun all day

In at 9:00 for class of ‘33 breakfast at Isaly’s- sat with Mary J. Recruited Paul Hablentzel and Elvira Hoover for volunteering at Heritage Hall and they came over for training. – Janet Klingal came in at noon and helped me get reports for Geo. Brown by solicitor by feeding paper into printer. – mailed certification application.
To supper with Mary at Turoff’s and took brick forms to Geo. Turoff. Then to her house for a nap before board meeting. –
Long agenda- Final motion asked for minutes to be mailed before board meeting- Lucy says impossible for her so I hope this forces her resignation. Tired of getting minutes 5 minutes after meeting time.
Updated membership records and made a printout – 400 units prob. represent at least 600 people.
Letters from both Kristi and Dave with payments on their loans home about 10:45

After meeting talk with Charleton Myers about Oak Creek Trail and Marion City book.
Hal Bonecutter offered to research ordinances since 1883.