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Trella Hemmerly – 1935-01-02

Above; Godman shoe factory at 347 W. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio in 1901. Image courtesy of Columbus Metropolitan Library. Area now a parking lot.

Earl [Godman truck driver] says Ray smokes and Ray says he didn’t. Quit (sic) a mess. $10 bet you know so I don’t know how it will come out
Wrote four claim tracer letters and when ready to mail them – got acknowledgement. All that work for nothing.Walt will be down in about an hour. I can’t resist I guess.
Walt had written a letter to BB* with all of the facts I added mine and reconciliation. Played cards until 11:00

* BB = Bernard Brooks

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Trella Hemmerly – 1935-01-01

Trella and Mary Hemmerly in the 1930s

This diary kept by Trella Hemmerly (on left in picture with sister Mary)
while working as a stenographer to WZ Davis, traffic manager HC Godman Shoe Company in Columbus, Ohio at $13.00 a week

2516 Indiana Ave, Columbus, OH in 2017 (Franklin Co. Auditor Site)

Living at 2216 Indiana avenue Columbus Ohio with Dan Davis Mrs. Davis and Laura.
Going with Walter Haldeman who is attending Bliss Business College – higher accounting – Working at High Street cafeteria – Wilson’s Florist and went to Marion working at Susquehanna Silk Mill.

New Year’s Day Entry
12:00 found Wally & I at the Palace “Little Minister” out at 2:00 streetcar home at 4:00 fill in the gap Walter didn’t prove quite capable enough getting car had to walk back from where we got off I cried and gave his ring back .

Went to Aunt May’s for sauerkraut dinner. Came to room about 8:00. Had a bath it.. Walter called. Seemed quit (sic) shaken yet. We’ll try to straighten it out tomorrow evening.